Europe’s largest ensemble
for kids and young people

Kids and teenagers from all over the world
are the stars of our Young Shows.

250 kids from Berlin and Brandenburg
from more than 20 nations
ages seven to 16


Get involved!

Every year, over hundreds of children and teenagers apply for the 20–30 spots.
According to the motto of “Kids perform for kids,” they showcase
their talents on the huge stage every winter season.

Talent & Teamwork

The kids are taught by experienced teachers who are trained to work with children. The teachers direct the kids’ education in the stage disciplines of dance, singing and acting (speech) according to their talents. The kids quickly learn that theater work is also always teamwork. Rigorous training, rehearsals, corrections and a lot of discipline are essential, not only for a successful premiere but for every show.

Learn from the pros

The choreographers, acting and vocal coaches, acrobatics and master trainers involved in the junges Ensemble (young ensemble) are experts in their fields. The training takes place in an atmosphere suitable for kids and no one is burdened beyond their capabilities. It is by no means a walk in the park nonetheless.

junges Ensemble

6 of 280

Six young people share insights into what it’s like
to be a part of our Young Ensemble.

Egon 17 years old

I’ve been a member of the Young Ensemble since 2012. The Palast has great magic to it. I love the sense of togetherness and all of the people the most. I have my friends here, who share the same passion as me. Everyone loves the arts, dancing, music, acting – and it really is the most wonderful thing just to be a part of it and to have fun together.

The stage confidence I gained in my first few years here at the theatre was a huge help to me when I took part in ‘The Voice Kids’, too. (Egon won the 2021 edition of ‘The Voice Kids’!)

Kate 12 years old

So, I really love EVERYTHING about it here. Everyone is nice to each other. We laugh a lot, but we’re also here to learn something, so we’re always busy either dancing, singing or watching.

Also, I’m not from Germany, so being here is a great opportunity to learn German and to improve my pronunciation when I’m on stage with all the others. It’s a lot of fun and helps me a great deal.

Fabrice 12 years old

I love that it’s not always just the older kids, who can be independent on stage – I can, too. For me, one of the best things was that we trained on stage with water and the water basin from the very start. That was really cool.

I definitely get stage fright, but I always say to myself “Just close your eyes and get on with it”. Then I go on stage, dance and feel less and less nervous.

Luna 16 years old

I’ve been with the Young Ensemble since 2015. I love the family atmosphere here. We do pretty much everything together: we dance, sing, play – and all grow up together.

For me, performing here is something of a family affair, as my grandmother was already a dancer at the Friedrichstadt-Palast and now works in the costume department. My mother and my aunt were also in the Young Ensemble in the past. So I’m now the third generation.

Liliana 9 years old

In January 2022, I performed in ‘Neues Jahr, neues Glück’ for the first time. I played a human from the Stone Age and liked the dancing the best.

The training is pretty exhausting, especially in the last few weeks leading up to the premiere. You really have to make sure that you remember all of the instructions well.

I always try to chill out before a performance and to relax as much as I can, but then when I’m on stage I give it my all. It’s so amazing!

Bode 15 years old

For me, the best thing is when I can try on a new costume for the first time and then know what character I’m actually playing. That feeling before the first fitting is fascinating; when I know that it’s never been shown before and that I’m the first to wear the new costume – that feeling is simply indescribable.

I’d like to become a musical performer or to pursue a career in dance in the future. Gaining experience here at the Palast first will really help me to make my dream a reality.

Imane 15 years old

A friend of mine danced in the Young Ensemble and asked me one day if I maybe wanted to, too. I hadn’t heard of the Palast before as I didn’t grow up in Germany.

I love the team spirit here and that we motivate each other before performances. We experience so much together, train really hard and then perform on stage side by side – that’s a cool feeling. It feels really, really good.


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