Bigger than Las Vegas

The Palast show band is one of the world’s largest ensuite ensembles.
Comprising 18 musicians, the range of instruments played is more diverse
than in the ensuite shows in Las Vegas.

The Band

Sebastian Brand Conductor Christoph Müller Violin I Corinna Jakoby Violin II Stefanie Hölk Violin II Frank Grünler Viola Winnie Kübart Viola Tobias Münch Cello Markus Behrsing Reed I Karola Elßner Reed II Peter Ludewig Reed II Christian Grabandt Trumpet I Jürgen Mietzner Trumpet II Markus Weißer French horn Marcus Voges Bass Trombone / Sousaphone Thomas Teske Keyboards Jens Brück Keyboards Connor Gallagher GuitarAlexander Procop Electric and Contrabass Jan Seeliger Drums Christoph Schlemmer Percussion

Recommended by 98% of reviewers

Recommended by 96% of reviewers

"Certificate of Excellence
Winner 2012–2022"

Germany’s best-rated show theatre*

*Based on the total number of 5-star reviews.

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