Our mission: to become Germany’s most hospitable theatre. See below for details of how to contact us.

Ticket hotline

Open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.



+49-30-2326 2323

Box office

Our box office will be closed to the public until further notice. This measure is intended to minimise the spread of the coronavirus. We appreciate your understanding.


Friedrichstadt-Palast Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Friedrichstraße 107
10117 Berlin

Our location

Address: Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin | Telephone: +49-30-2326 2327 | Email: happiness@palast.berlin

Address: Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin | Telephone: +49-30-2326 2327 | Email: happiness@palast.berlin

Social media

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Contact persons

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General Director

Dr. Berndt Schmidt
T: +49-30-2326 2264

E: schmidt@palast.berlin

Administrative Director

Guido Herrmann
T: +49-30-2326 2264

E: herrmann@palast.berlin

Ballet Director

Alexandra Georgieva
T: +49-30-2326 2267

E: georgieva@palast.berlin

Director Young Ensemble

Christina Tarelkin
T: +49-30-2326 2332 /2493
E: tarelkin@palast.berlin

Communications Director

Ghazal Weber
T: +49-30-2326 2201
E: weber@palast.berlin

Director of Marketing & Sales

Natascha Lecki
T: +49-30-2326 2230
E: lecki@palast.berlin

Creative Director
Oliver Hoppmann
T: +49-30-2326 2464
E: hoppmann@palast.berlin

Costume Director

Elisabetta Pian
T: +49-30-2326 2282
E: pian@palast.berlin

Musical Director/Chief Conductor

Daniel Behrens
T: +49-30-2326 2228
E: behrens@palast.berlin

Technical Director

Franz-Josef Münzebrock
T: +49-30-2326 2234
E: muenzebrock@palast.berlin

Head Human Resources

Katja Pötzsch
T: +49-30-2326 2244 /2303 /2304
E: poetzsch@palast.berlin

Head Casting

Sebastian Hüchtebrock
T: +49-30-2326 2233
E: huechtebrock@palast.berlin

Foyer & Event Management

Constantin Lülsdorf
T: +49-30-2326 2236
E: luelsdorf@palast.berlin

Head Technical Management

Uwe Müller
T: +49-30-2326 2234
E: mueller@palast.berlin

Head Gastronomy

Oliver Kawalla
T: 030-2326 2214
E: kawalla@palast.berlin

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