Our mission: to become Germany’s most hospitable theatre. See below for details of how to contact us.

Ticket hotline

Open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


except december 24-25 & january 1



+49-30-2326 2323

Box office

Our theatre box office is currently closed due to the directive relating to the containment of the coronavirus in Berlin.


Friedrichstadt-Palast Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Friedrichstraße 107
10117 Berlin

Our location

Address: Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin | Telephone: +49-30-2326 2327 | Email: happiness@palast.berlin

Address: Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin | Telephone: +49-30-2326 2327 | Email: happiness@palast.berlin

Social media

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Contact persons

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General Director

Dr. Berndt Schmidt
T: +49-30-2326 2264

E: schmidt@palast.berlin

Administrative Director

Guido Herrmann
T: +49-30-2326 2264

E: herrmann@palast.berlin

Ballet Director

Alexandra Georgieva
T: +49-30-2326 2267

E: georgieva@palast.berlin

Director Young Ensemble

Christina Tarelkin
T: +49-30-2326 2332 /2493
E: tarelkin@palast.berlin

Director of Marketing, Sales & PR

Natascha Lecki
T: 030-2326 2230
E: lecki@palast.berlin

Creative Director
Oliver Hoppmann
T: +49-30-2326 2464
E: hoppmann@palast.berlin

Costume Director

Elisabetta Pian
T: +49-30-2326 2282
E: pian@palast.berlin

Musical Director/Chief Conductor

Daniel Behrens
T: +49-30-2326 2228
E: behrens@palast.berlin

Technical Director

Thomas Herda
T: +49-30-2326 2256
E: herda@palast.berlin

Head Human Resources

Katja Pötzsch
T: +49-30-2326 2244 /2303 /2304
E: poetzsch@palast.berlin

Head Casting

Sebastian Hüchtebrock
T: +49-30-2326 2233
E: huechtebrock@palast.berlin

Foyer & Event Management

Constantin Lülsdorf
T: +49-30-2326 2236
E: luelsdorf@palast.berlin

Head Technical Management

Uwe Müller
T: +49-30-2326 2234
E: mueller@palast.berlin

Head Gastronomy

Oliver Kawalla
T: 030-2326 2214
E: kawalla@palast.berlin

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