2G+ rule & FFP2 mask

Please note that the ‘2G+ rule’ applies at the Palast. This means that we can only admit guests who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 and can also provide proof of a negative test result (in a digital or print format). The test must have been completed within the past 24 hours at a certified test centre. Guests who have received the 3rd vaccination are not required to take a test.

An FFP2 mask is also required for the entire stay at the Palast, also during the performance.

Children and youths under the age of 18 years, pregnant and nursing women as well as guests able to present a certificate confirming that they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons will continue to be admitted. However, they will also need to provide proof of a negative test result completed in the past 24 hours at a certified test centre. For children and youths under the age of 18 years, it is sufficient to show a valid school ID card. Children under the age of 6 years will not be admitted.

Please contact our Guest Happiness department if you have any questions about the new regulations. You can reach us daily between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. via email ([email protected]) or telephone (+49 (0)30 2326 2327). Our admissions staff and the theatre box office are of course also available at the theatre itself.

seal of quality

Our building has been quality checked by TÜV

Our hygiene concept has been awarded the TÜV seal of quality for “Tested Covid-19 Infection Protection”. This means that our building fulfils all the requirements in terms of having the necessary measures for protection and hygiene, thereby ensuring that our guests can enjoy attending a show in safety. All our measures are regularly reviewed and updated.


Your visit to the Palast

Please be prepared for the fact that admission may take longer than normal in the current circumstances and allow a little more time when planning your trip (the foyer will open an hour before the performance starts).  Please take note of the following points to ensure that things go smoothly during admission:

Ticket & proof of identity

Please ensure that you have your ticket and a valid form of ID (e.g. German ID-card, driving licence) ready to show when you arrive so that the details shown on your ticket and on your “GGG” pass can be compared with those on your ID document.

Proof of 2G and negative test

Fully vaccinated: Proof that you’ve been fully vaccinated for more than 14 days with a vaccine authorised in the EU (BioNTech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson – www.pei.de).

Recovered: certificate to show a positive PCR test that is at least 28 days old but not more than 6 months old

AND: proof of a negative test result (digital or print format) completed within the past 24 hours at a certified test centre. NB: we cannot accept self-tests as proof!

No testing for guests with 3rd vaccination required

FFP2 mask

An FFP2 mask must be worn at all times during your visit, including during the performance. The mask may be removed during gastronomic consumption at designated places.

Children between 6 and 14 years may also wear a surgical mask. From the age of 14, an FFP2 mask must be worn.

Follow our navigation system

We are admitting our guests via various different entrances which are indicated on the tickets by means of a colour (coral, gold, turquoise). You can find more information on this subject to follow.

navigation system

Finding your way through the Palast

Our new navigation system has been designed to prevent you from coming into contact with others. Your ticket will have a particular colour (gold, turquoise, coral) depending on where your seat is. This colour indicates the entrance to the Palast that you will need to use. When you are inside the building, there are coloured markings to show you which cloakroom and which bars you can use, and they also indicate the fastest route to your seat. Our staff at the various entrances will be happy to help you find your way around the building.



seating plan

Since our theatre hall features automatic ventilation, our guests meet the ‘2G rule’, and the staff on stage and in the foyer meet the ‘3G rule’, the current hygiene concept of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe allows full occupancy of all 1,900 seats in the theatre hall. Specific distances no longer need to be maintained between different groups of guests.

Fresh air


Modern ventilation system in the hall

We made good use of the “performance-free” period over the past year, bringing forward a number of modernisation measures that we had already been planning.  The focus of these was the extensive construction work involved in replacing the Palast’s ventilation system. With this new system, the air in the hall is replaced up to eight times an hour. Furthermore, the air circulation moves in an upwards direction. Fresh air is introduced at ground level and then removed under the ceiling of the hall. This reduces the concentration of aerosols to a minimum.

Further measures

  • Expansion of our sanitising facilities (dispensers) throughout the whole building and shortened intervals for cleaning
  • Separation screens in the bars and cloakrooms for more distance; optimised distribution of tables and seats
  • Contactless payment at the theatre box office and at the bars
  • Regular staff training to keep employees up-to-date with the latest measures

You are covered

Our Feel Safe promise

We are still living in unpredictable times. As a state-run theatre, the Palast therefore offers its guests a triple Feel Safe promise:

1. TÜV-tested hygiene concept

The Palast is the first and up until now the only theatre to have gained the TÜV seal of quality “Tested Covid-19 Infection Protection” for its procedures and its hygiene concepts. Good to know: the new cutting edge ventilation system replaces the entire volume of air in the hall with fresh air up to eight times an hour.

2. 100% money-back guarantee

If a performance is cancelled, you can be sure of getting your money back within three weeks – automatically and without you having to put in a claim, as we are not implementing the legally permitted voucher system.

3. Free-of-charge

If something comes up and you can’t attend the show after all, you can rebook the ticket you purchased for another date, up until two hours before the performance starts, without giving a reason, or you can exchange it for a voucher.


on stage

Our cast on stage

Similar to in elite sports, our cast is also subject to weekly PCR tests. Hence the artists are not required to wear masks on stage or to main a minimum distance. All of the other staff working backstage, in the theatre hall and in the foyer before, during and after the show are also ‘safe’ and meet the ‘3G rule’ (fully vaccinated, recovered from COVID-19, negative test result).

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