ARISE Grand Show

Acrobatic Choreographer

Originally from California/USA, Brennan Figari was fond of both sports and theatre as a child. As a teenager, he discovered his passion for artistry, which he considers to be the perfect combination of artistic expression and athleticism.

Figari studied with some of the best acrobatic artists in the world and conceived a unique performance style that combines technically challenging elements with dramatic, theatrical execution. Brennan Figari has not only made a career for himself as an aerial acrobat, though, but has also earned a name for himself as a successful choreographer.

As an acrobat and choreographer, he has worked for various shows and companies such as ‘America’s Got Talent’, ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’, ‘Schlager Champions’ starring Helene Fischer, the ‘Tonight Show’ and Google. Brennan Figari also toured with Cavalia’s equestrian show ‘Odysseo’ for five years and went on to work as an acrobatic choreographer for ‘Apassionata’ and the Munich-based show ‘Equila’.

The Berlin resident will now create breathtaking acrobatic choreographies for the ARISE Grand Show.

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