My income is very low, so the ‘Palast für Alle’ scheme is a really great thing. Now I’m reaping the benefits of this amazing experience.

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Respect Each Other

Can’t afford to come see a show at the Palast?

Would you really like to come see our Grand Show or Young Show, but even our tickets for €19.80 are beyond your budget?

Do you not have the ‘berlinpass’ either? (Socially disadvantaged people are able to apply to the Berlin Senate for this special pass, which grants admission to the Palast for as little as €3 per ticket.)

Many people find themselves in situations – either permanently or temporarily – where they don’t receive any state benefits, but are still left with nothing at the end of the month to treat themselves or their kids occasionally.

With its ‘Respect Each Other’ initiative, the Palast commits specifically to mutual respect. This includes acknowledging that people facing difficult circumstances are as valuable as all other people, and helping them within the scope of its possibilities.

Our #PalastForAll scheme is based on trust – so is essentially also a matter of respect. We rely on people telling the truth when they say that they cannot afford tickets. We believe in the good in people. This may be naïve in some cases, of course. But 90 percent of the time, it is not. Trust means that if you request tickets as part of this scheme, you won’t be subjected to any ‘audit’, have to present any documents or to explain your personal circumstances to us. We believe you when you say that you cannot afford to come see a show for the normal price. No questions will be asked.

As a theatre owned by the state of Berlin, we wish to also enable guests who would not be able to spend an evening at the Palast otherwise to participate in cultural life.

Should this apply to you, then you’re able to register here. We’ll send you suggestions at regular intervals of times when you could come see a show with up to three companions for €5 per ticket (but only if they can’t afford it either!).

This is only possible once per production (Grand Show or Young Show).



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