harriet m

Must-see. We saw the last show (ONE Grand show) twice and really liked it!!!!
But this show (VIVID Grand Show) is a must-see. The costumes, headdresses, stage and acrobats, everything was a show stopper. So if you are coming to Berlin put it on you must-do-list.

Kerrie L

This show is an extravaganza! Costuming is stunning, aerial stunts are beautiful and breathtaking but let’s not forget the dancers. The Palast is famous for its kickline - and you will not be disappointed. The kickline was a stand out!!


VIVID is: WOW! Just opened to standing ovations. We bought our tickets months ago online from Australia. Seamless process. Brilliant Las Vegas style show!

Roman H

VIVID is gorgeous, intense, unforgettable - one of the best productions EVER. Really, don't miss it. Get the cheap seats if you have to: it'll still blow you away. Acts have a familiar ring but a beautiful twist, from the tree frog acrobats to the Martian Rockettes. The singers and live orchestra are great, the costumes better than Gaultier. The special effects are breathtaking in execution but always serve a spectacular scene. The production is a master class in first-rate entertainment. Go.


Beautiful Theater & Show. If you have the time, buy a ticket. We went by chance to the new show and had a great time. It felt like the opening to the Hunger Games. Funny. Entertaining. Dancing. Audience interaction. Gymnastics. Costumes. Sexy. All good.


Fabulous extravaganza! Something for everyone, costumes out of this world, dancers,acrobats, singers, athletes really looked as though they were enjoying their performances. Wonderful choreography, I’d go again tonight!

Damien B

If Germany has an equivalent to the Moulin Rouge, this is it. I saw the new show there - VIVID which is amazing. The costumes, sets, lighting, dancing, and special effects are all first class. This show has headpieces designed by Phillip Tracey - the famous milliner who designs hats for the royal family.
The theatre itself is enormous and absolutely beautiful inside and out. We had wine and a giant pretzel before the show and there are plenty of great restaurants around the area for dinner afterwards.
A brilliant experience and well worth a visit.


Fantastic. The show was stunning! Probably the best I've been to. A complete repertoire of music, dancing, acrobats, showgirls and great fun. Very typically German in parts (Funhouse) and audience allowed to film the finale for a great memory.

Emi N.

It's a rare opportunity to see a show like this. The stage is indeed huge and round so you can see everything from all angles and this theater has a flawless sound system. It's a well balanced combination of spectacular costumes, jaw-dropping acrobatics, visual effects, dance and music. The team behind the show is huge. I think that the production of this show gave an extraordinary product to the night culture life of the city. It reflects true Berlin: artistic, expressive, imaginative, free spirited...unique.


I would put it high on the list of must-see things to do in Berlin. Note that every two years the show changes.


We’ve been to the Friedrichstadt-Palast many times. They always put on fantastic shows there. All of the performances I’ve seen so far were absolutely brilliant. I can only recommend it. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Berlin.


Unforgettable moments. The shows are simply superb and very memorable. Always something special. The stage is huge and the costumes are an absolute dream.


The Friedrichstadt-Palast impresses us time and time again. Exquisite ballet, opulent costumes, catchy music and songs. It is always a pleasure to return here for the next new show.


If you haven’t been yet, then get tickets now! A fantastic spectacle every single time. Well worth seeing.


Spectacular and an absolute must in Berlin. The Friedrichstadt-Palast is a real highlight in Berlin and can certainly give the best shows in the world a run for their money!


Always worth a visit. I’ve seen a great many shows at the Palast. I am impressed every time anew with the diversity and technical capabilities.


An outstanding experience. We look forward to the new production every year and have always been very satisfied and impressed so far.


Where else can you find this? Classic revue with a modern twist. Amazing technology, great views from pretty much everywhere, affordable prices.


The place to go if you want to be transported to another world (or a dream) for a few hours. There’s no explaining the Friedrichstadt-Palast – it must simply be experienced!!! Every show is a brilliant event in itself. So much is offered and so many memories will remain afterwards.

Margitta D

Unique every time. If you’re in Berlin, then you absolutely must visit the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The shows are unique. The outfits are a real feast for the eyes.


Spectacular shows meeting high artistic demands. The Friedrichstadt-Palast can easily be reached by public transport. The shows are absolutely first rate!!

Gunter F

A visit to this wonderful theatre is always an experience. From the admission staff the ushers to the gastronomy staff, they are all very courteous and it is possible to sense the love the actors on stage feel for their work. There’s nothing better in Berlin!

Hans-Peter S

A MUST during a visit to Berlin. Simply intoxicating. We return to Berlin and the Friedrichstadt-Palast every year.


The Friedrichstadt-Palast is an absolute must in Berlin. Top show, fantastic value for money, good gastronomy.

Christina N

Very good atmosphere. Outstanding, friendly and accommodating staff. The Friedrichstadt-Palast is definitely worth a visit.

Sylwia G

An evening not to be forgotten. The layout of the seats is great and you will be able to see well even from side rows. The building is outstanding and well worth a visit.


The revolving stage, the special effects, the light effects and water, the costumes, the show girls, the acrobats, the singers and dancers – everything was great. The location is super because you can then leave the Palast and have a great time inone of the fine typical Berlin Kneipen along the Spree.


The show was amazing. A good mixture of singing, dancing, acrobatics, etc. Beautiful venue. Would recommend. Will go back on our next visit to Berlin!


Grandiose evening with pre-ordered Champagne, snacks in the intermission, and fabulous entertainment using the most creative staging and innovative technology. A must see when in Berlin!

Gulgun_Yurdaer, Turkey

The theatre is a place you shouldn’t miss. You have a great view from every part of the theatre. Great sound system, too.

Vito Lo Z

If you go to Berlin, this should be a MUST. I have never seen anything like it.

Alberto M

Great show. Great dancers, great singers and, above all, great effects and decor. Lights, water, sand – everything you could imagine.


An amazing spectacle. If you have the time in Berlin, go – you won’t be disappointed.


You ain’t seen nothing until you see this show in Berlin. I have seen many around the world, but this one beats them all.


Booked in advance of travelling. If you like glitz, glamour and razzamatazz you’ll be blown away! – Highly recommended.


The theatre is not only comfortable and luxurious, the stage and all it’s technical capabilities were as amazing as the performance itself. A combination of Cirque du Soleil, a chorus line, a Broadway musical, and about five other types of shows, it kept the attention and kept dazzling more and more with each passing moment. The capabilities of this theatre were simply unbelievable: water, sand, high wire and acrobatics, waterfalls, etc.


The Friedrichstadt-Palast experience is second to none in the world of variety entertainment. One leaves the performance totally satisfied and uplifted. The building itself is a joy to behold and the warmly attentive, efficient house staff make you feel special. I shall return!


Forget NY and Las Vegas, Friedrichstadt-Palast beats them all. Come to Berlin and see the best revues on this planet.

John H

This theatre and show was just brilliant. We have never been to this theatre before, as we are from the UK. It’s the best theatre I’ve ever been to.

Ivan M

The best show in Europe, must visit when in Berlin. Been there 3 times now and it gets better and better.


Super location to see a show. Great theater with a huge stage. Very good view from all places. The building itself is beautiful with wonderful coloured windows. You should absolutely catch a show there, if you have the chance.

Daryl B

My previous 2 visits to this theatre were magical evenings. The theatre is vast but one gets a good view of the huge stage from every tier of the seat pricing. This theatre has the best sound & lighting you are ever likely to experience anywhere in the world. It also has a very clever heating & air conditioning system where hot or cold air is pumped up the top of the seat back in front of you. They specialise in spectacular shows where one doesn't need to be able to speak German. The costumes are magnificent & must cost a fortune. The shows are sheer magic in artistry & very slick. You will believe that every Euro you spend on a ticket(s) is very well worth it. Sit back & enjoy a show of technical brilliance.


A must visit while you visit Berlin.

Klaus-Peter Schäfer

It is spectacular time and time again how humans and technology become one.

Charly J

A beautiful theater, superb show, everything was perfect!!! I really can only recommend seeing a typical Friedrichstadt-Palast show sometime. It is magical.


You simply must see the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The shows there are absolutely world class.


A show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast is always a special experience.


Two hours of varied and imaginative entertainment with outstanding artistic performances. Time simply flies!

Birgit N

The Friedrichstadt-Palast is always worth a visit. The shows are bombastic. The atmosphere is thoroughly delightful. The artists are superb and the light effects are outstanding.

Sabine B

Everyone who comes to Berlin should treat themselves sometime – to an evening at the Friedrichstadt-Palast. Top-class revue.

Connie R

The best show theater in town with excellent stage technology.

Joachim Piprek

VIVID is spectacular! The costumes and the visual effects are better than anything I have seen on Broadway or in Las Vegas.

Wewe Brock

Excellent show, perfect costumes, amazing artists and singers!

Andrea Marinoni

Perfect mixture of different performances, ranging from singing to dancing to acrobatics. The costumes and the scenography create a magic atmosphere! Moreover, some tickets are really cheap for this kind of experience.

MaryMusic Fmf

I have already watched this extraordinary show three times! It is so engaging and thrilling because every time there are new details to discover. Such a unique show should be well-known all over Europe: everyone should get a chance to watch it! After all, Berlin is just within a couple of hours flight reach from most European cities. Many compliments! Keep up the great job!

Dominik El Pequeño

Great music, great artists, great show. Looking forward to visiting the VIVID world again, as soon as possible. :-) Especially Guru’s painting gave me so much positive energy! #lovepeaceanddiversity #weiterso

Anna Balakina

The VIVID Grand Show is the best one I have ever seen!!!!!! "Must visit" in Berlin.

Ronen Refael

Amazing show, more than happy to recommend it

Svetlana Nichitovschi

VIVID Grand Show, it was a fantastic show!

Laura De Angelis

VIVID is one of the best show I have seen in my life! A perfect combination of dance, music, magic, circus and theatre with an explosion of colourful costumes, special effects, amazing lights and sounds!! I recommend it to everyone young or old!

Pat Benjung

I had a great experience seeing the show with my family. Great facilities and beautiful decorations. VIVID Grand show is amazing and colourful. Thumbs up for all actors.

Katja Fischer

A unique and unforgettable experience!

Axel Wetzel

The Friedrichstadt-Palast is always an amazing experience.
Tastes are so very different – thank God! Hence one person likes one revue show and the next likes another... Either way, the entertainment is always top-class!

Tola Natter

We always enjoy visiting the Friedrichstadt-Palast – even as Berlin natives. The shows are utterly awesome.

Peter Herfurth

There couldn’t be a bigger show. It’s the absolute tops in Europe.

Eva Bruno

A visit to the Friedrichstadt-Palast is one of the things you must do (at least!) once in a lifetime.

Ibrahim Evsan

A trip to Berlin without a visit to the Friedrichstadt-Palast is a wasted trip.

Andres Capurro

Amazing stage for an even more amazing performance. I went to see VIVID. Very colourful and beautiful costumes and dances. Must-see!

Yarden Gabay

VIVID Grand Show is a fantastic show. The stage is huge!! The actors are great.

Bojan K

This is the best cultural music show in Berlin. If you have enough time in Berlin, you should book your place. This is energetic, colorful and breath taking! Do not hesitate and enjoy two hours of real energy, creativity and speed.

Maggie Toy

The performance we saw here was spectacular. The place is well organised and an interesting building as well. Made for a great evening.

Danny Turner

The VIVID Grand Show is an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend watching it!

Nico Dango

I've been there twice and the performances of the actors/dancers/singers have been great all along (I've been to THE ONE and VIVID) and it's definitely worth all the money. Fantastic, colorful show with a lot of great music and glamour. Costumes and performances are making this a memorable experience.

Tomáš Tyc

VIVID Grand Show was truly vivid, displaying colours of life in many ways and for me especially, the start of the show was the best where androids and sci-fi theme played prime. Singularity!

Monique Rebeiro

An amazing venue! Truly inspiring architecture, I loved the glass windows. Very comfortable seating, with a huge stage!!

Maria Cristina Bidilean

Amazing show!! I highly recommend this to you.

Andy K

Been there for two shows now and they were amazing. The atmosphere is surreal, I never thought I would like these shows but this place proved me wrong. Definitely worth going for a show.

Ольга Oly

We were here to see VIVID Grand Show, it was one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen in my entire life!


Nostalgie of yesteryear. We experienced an exciting performance of VIVID Grand Show with beautiful costumes and headgear. The theater has a special aura of grandeur. Many special effects with modern laser show and projected scenery - a must to go see!

Christine Binder

Just saw an outstanding show here called VIVID. Mind blown. A mix of cabaret, Cirque de Soleil, Rockette dancers and aliens. Yes aliens! Don't miss this one of a kind show.


VIVID Grand Show - A celebration of life was spectacular and included a lot of glitter

Josh Wren

Saw VIVID, amazing show. Great theatre. Would want to go back.


Great Show

Cyril Samsung S4

Great show, a mixture of modern cabaret and Cirque du Soleil


Amazing night at Friedrichstadt-Palast tonight for the VIVID Grand Show. Well worth the 800 mile journey!


VIVID - definitely a must see! Friedrichstadt-Palast. Berlin Mitte. Next level show. Las Vegas in da house


Great place, great show


Wonderful and unforgettable experience, the venue and the show were superb

Odgerel Oyunbaatar

Amazing theatre! If you're stopping by Berlin, you must see the show.

Origanos ElSeesy

Can never miss their amazing shows


Another kind of music. Such a great show. A beautiful day with my wife


Such a great show! The story, costumes, stage, lights were just amazing!

Hortensia Santos



An amazing and unforgettable evening at the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The best show I have seen in my life so far. Best recommendations to go and experience all that magic, creativity and German taste… I’m simply in love with the VIVID Grand Show

Kyrylo lakovlev

Excellent show!!!


Enchanting evening at Friedrichstadt-Palast


What a great evening and such an awesome show!


VIVID Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin… What a wonderful evening

Lorraine Godfrey

Excellent evening spent here to see VIVID Grand Show.


Love this show


Amazing Show!!!


Tonight’s show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast was amazing, we loved it.


Wow! What a show! Coolest show on this planet!!


yeaaaaaaah! That was so cool! VIVID - beautiful. Revue Surpreme...


VIVID Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast. Great Philip Treacy costumes.


Philip Treacy did a great job. A colorful world at Friedrichstadt-Palast.


Loved the VIVID Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast


Fun show tonight at Friedrichstadt-Palast. Really a fan of these amazing costumes by Stefano Canulli and the Philip Treacy hats are stunning!


Best show I've ever seen + VIP = VIVID


Amazing afternoon at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. Awesome VIVID Grand Show.


The VIVID Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast is amazing! We had such a good time tonight. If you are planning on visiting Berlin any time soon it’s a must see. Last year I was in Berlin around the same time and I saw the other show at the same venue. Started to think that it’s worth to come next year for the new show. Paris is supposedly always a good idea, I’m rarther of an opinion that Berlin is always a good idea!


Wow… What an amazing and colorful and crazy and wild performance…


Best show in town: VIVID


Very colorful and talented cast at Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, like a carnival


Entertainment in an ultimate modern way.


VIVID Grand Show: Awesome show - awesome costumes - amazing atmosphere


VIVID in Berlin, it was a great show


Absolutely amazing! Great show in Berlin with hats designed by Philip Treacy.


Yesterday‘s VIVID Grand Show can be described in one word: BEAUTIFUL!! Pleasently surprised to see Andreas Bieber in a lead!!


My favourite show forever and ever! It's the place where my heart beats faster, my palms get sweaty and my pupils get bigger! I love everything about this place! Friedrichstadt-Palast! The new VIVID Grand Show!

Danielle Douglas

Enjoyed our visit. Great stage.

Encho Velikov

Very good place

Amadeu Conceicao


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