Great entertainment. We went for the THE ONE Grand Show to the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The show and the artists as well as the effects were great. We had a very nice and entertaining evening at the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The stage has lots of technical effects and the performers were great


Beautiful show with music, dance, acrobatic, fashion costums and colorful lights. Fashion costums and colorful lights. The dances, actors are super professional. Even some songs are in English and German, it doesn't matter for you to enjoy the whole show. Very impressing how much money they put on fashion costums. So even the ticket are expensive, it is money worth.


Amazing show with first class performances. Great dancers, artists and singers - Costumes, light and sound effects and the live band make you dive into this show from the very beginning. Yes, the tickets are a bit costy but really worth it as you get to see a first class show! What I liked is that you can pre-order your drinks/snacks for the break in advance to save time in lining up.

Coleen P

Amazing shows and costumes I saw THE ONE Grand Show and it was fantastic! Costumes are like i had never seen before, liked the story too. Well worth it!


A Wonderful Show. An extravagant combination of dance, live music, singing, circus and costumes put together by great choreography. We didn't know what to expect but it turned out to be one of the best shows my wife and l had seen. The changing stage and the many costume changes made this a great experience. Would advise getting tickets before visiting Berlin or if it goes out on tour make a point of going

Cecilia H

THE ONE Grand Show is a do-not-miss revue! The 2017 show is so incredible that words cannot do justice - the costumes are so original and plentiful that your eyes do not know where to rest. the acts contain elements that are both retro and amazing feats of athletic prowess. HIGHLY recommended. Plus extraordinarily thoughtful and helpful staff.

Chloe M

THE ONE Grand Show was the highlight of our stay! We were reluctant to go for 40 euros each, but were so pleased we did! The building is beautiful and surrounded by restaurants. Lovely chandelier. Speak English. Good view of stage from any seat, no matter how far back.


The show was very good, easy to find getting off the tube. All seats have good viewing even cheapest seats. Nice bar fully enjoyed my evening. Recommend. Left for the tube felt safe getting back to hotel.


Wow!!! What a show!! We busted the Friedrichstadt-Palast to see THE ONE Grand Show. And I can’t say how brilliant the show was!! And the Friedrichstadt-Palast is such a beautiful venue! I’d urge you to go and see this show, some of the performances are truly mind blowing, it’s worth going to see the girl with the hoop and the two girls on the rope swing - heart in the mouth stuff, but utterly amazing!!

cecile k

Amazing show . Don't want to tell too much but seriously: You really want to see it, trust me :) we were in PK 1 and the view was amazing. The stage is unbelievable I've never expected something like this. Great artists and costumes. I'm thinking about to go a second time. Thank you for this experience!


It was really surprising for me. I was not expecting to see such a great show. I was left astonished many times as dancers and acrobats performed. Recommended!

Jane M

A great European show for all languages shows. European revue at its best. Breathtaking acts and good music.

Leslee R

An amazing evening of spectacular costumes, gorgeous staging, and fascinating acrobatics. Don't miss it. All seats are good.

Neil K

No trip to Berlin would be complete without a visit to the Friedrichstadt-Palast. To not just take in a show but to just take in the wonderful theatre that we enjoyed this production of THE ONE Grand Show. The theatre is amazing, it's an opulent theatre, comfortable seating and great views. We missed none of the performance and had great views of the show which was magnificent. The staff here are also really nice and helpful and if your planning a trip to Berlin I highly recommend you take in a show in this magnificent theatre.


THE ONE Grand Show was wonderful. The theatre itself is wonderful and well worth visiting. We saw THE ONE Grand Show and it was outstanding. The costumes were amazing, the singing and dancing were entertaining, and the entire evening was a delightful experience. It is a combination of Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil and a Cabaret performance. It all blended together to make for a very enjoyable evening. We had great seats and I would recommend spending a little more for the tickets to be certain you have the right location. Overall, when you are in Berlin, you need to go to this show.


Great night out from the first minute to the last. No trip to Berlin would be complete without a Cabaret show and this ONE was fantastic. From the moment we were welcomed at the box office to pick up our tickets, through the attentive and helpful staff at the door and in the theatre to the last bows (lost count of how many times they came out again and again) of the production, we had a great time being entertained by fabulous costumes, great lighting and staging, incredible acrobatics and outstanding singing and dancing. An absolute must for a great night out in Berlin.


The theatre is incredible. It is a communist era building that has been restored so that it looks as good, if not better, than it did when it was built. It's worth going to a show just to see the building. We went to the Palast to see THE ONE Grand Show. The show is a revue and, as such, the language isn’t a problem. Some songs were in English and others German but you don't have to understand the songs to understand what's happening. [...] The show is fantastic. I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and would love to go back to see the production again. Highly recommended.


Excellent theater and show. This is the most beautiful theater I have visited so far. And THE ONE Grand Show is something you should see while in Berlin. Part of the songs is in English as well as the intro but the visual is more important. The Stage is huge and the number of artists also. There are so many acrobatics that you may feel being in a circus. Costumes are exquisite. The theater was full and we witnessed a spectacular show indeed.

Gary W

Not to be missed... A remarkable indescribable show!! I bought tickets online before I arrived in Berlin. When I went to print the tickets I realized I bought them for a week earlier than my arrival date and in fact the show had already taken place...Doh! After an email to the show they gave me the opportunity to buy new tickets for only 10 euro. Had this happened anywhere else I would have just lost the money I spent. Thank you for the awesome customer service. We had an incredible time, the show was fantastic and not something you would normally see in North America. My family thoroughly enjoyed it including the incredible acrobatics and the absolutely incredible can can line. Thanks for an awesome Berlin experience. I would recommend this show to anyone wanting a unique experience in Berlin.

Kate S

Simply the best. This show is fast and furious, full of music and colour, breathtaking effects, costume, scenery and some acrobatics you simply cannot believe possible. A stunning night out and one not to be missed. Quirky but awe inspiring. Book ahead online to get your choice of seats. Arrive early to book intermission drinks ahead and get out quick if you want the loos - otherwise spend the whole interval in a queue.

Lynne S

Beautiful theatre visit. Went to see THE ONE Grand Show at this theatre and found it a wonderful experience. Recommend booking a table for the interval and pre-ordering drinks / food prior to the show. We found the process very seamless and well worth the extra to get a seat.


The most beautiful show in the world. We went to see THE ONE Grand Show. As we are under 25 we rang up and got tickets for a fab price on front row! The theatre itself is stunning, I loved the inside and how grand it was. We pre-ordered cocktails and they were waiting for us during the interval which was just so fab. The show itself was spectacular the costumes were out of this world. I was so glad we paid to see a show whilst we were in Berlin and will never forget it. Highly reccomend!!!!

Natasha B

Awesome show! I absoutely loved everything about this show. A must see, while in Berlin. The show was electric and the costumes and performances were nothing short of amazing.


Whilst in Berlin we were keen to attend a show or an opera. German friends highly recommended seeing THE ONE Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The lavish colorful costumes were designed by the famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The artists, dancers, singers, sets & music are all top class. Live the lively captivating music and it's hypnotic beat. The theater itself offers a tiered great view for all the audience, enabling a very personal impact & experience. The two sessions are just short of 1 hour each with approx a 30 min intermission break.

Dirk V

Faboulous show TEH ONE Grand Show. Great show in Las Vegas style. Costumes designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Impressive dance and acrobatical acts. Not cheap but value for money.

Sneha I

Amazed by the elegance! I caught THE ONE Grand Show by Gautier here and was in awe of the place. It's acoustics are marvelous! The show was a stunner from the beginning and didn't allow you to be distracted for a minute. Perfectly executed in terms of color, movements, arrangements and music!

Erika R

We bought tickets weeks before our stay, the evening was great, the music as always wonderful and the costumes for THE ONE Grand Show amazing!


This is the world´s show scene, incredible technique, absolutely top-quality professional performing. This must be included in a visit in Berlin. I have seen two different shows, both spectacular. I think the experience will be same stunning in each of them - if you are lucky to get the ticket!

jan m

This wonderful show is a montage mix of the Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas and Cirque Du Soleil. With wonderful costume designs by Jean Paul Gaultier and fabulous choreography, it is worth visiting Berlin for this show alone. Simply superb!


Nice, modern venue. You have to leave your coats in a cloackroom, but they're really quick at getting them back after the show so you hardly have to wait. The show was amazing. Costumes fabulous, amazing variety, acrobats incredible and amazing dancing. There are a few German songs, but it makes no difference if you don't speak it. Beautiful visuals. Recommend!

Jana K

Incredible shows hosted in beautiful interiors! Absolutely breathtaking interiors: red carpets, crystal chandeliers and all that jazz! Beautiful venue, nice location, it's definitely a pearl of the quarter. Also, comfortable seats and it fits quite a bit of viewers.

Solomon L

Viewing the performance THE ONE Grand Show at the Palast was a great experience for me. Its interior was grand and traditional, which was very fitting for the show performed. The staff were also very nice, and kept my bags in a very good condition. […]

Cesare B

Great and spectacular. Super! Unforgettable evening. Everything was perfect, the venue, the comfortable stay in the theatre and in the lounge.


This is more of an experience, and a very positive one, than a show with a story! The gowns and the costumes are fabulous and an absolute extravaganza. What a mind and imagination of the concepts to think up the situations that take place on the stage. The music is very good but it is not the greatest. The acrobatic performances are excellent, although this can be seen in many other shows. You have to go there with an open mind but, yes, go!!


Wow, we visited this Palast to see THE ONE Grand Show which was the highlight of our holiday in Berlin. What a spectacle! Beautiful clothing by Jean Paul Gaultier, amazing dancers and a must see show.


Wow! A feast for the eye - I loved the venue and the show. […] The set worked well. The costumes are amazing and the acts brilliant.


The Palast puts on a new show every two years. THE ONE Grand Show is a fantasy, a colorful production with great music and top flight acrobatics. It is Berlin's showcase theater, with the world's largest stage.

Pablo D

Great place to visit - I went with my wife to see THE ONE Grand Show and can say it was a perfect night and also the show was incredible.

Dirk Jan H

This show is better than the shows we saw in Paris, you can compare it to the Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas. A must see!

Steen Withen N

Excellent show - We were a party of 20 who saw THE ONE Grand Show in this theatre. Very professional performance. We went there on a Tuesday evening and the theatre was fully booked. Needless to say that advance booking is highly recommended.


Very pleased, really nice place to go for a fab night out. Beautiful place to go, fabulous costumes, excellent choreography, amazing. Brilliant show, total jaw dropper. Staff very polite and curteous, would recommend if visiting Berlin, it’s a must to see. Don’t miss out.

Carole F

The Friedrichstadt-Palast is a beautiful theatre, easy to get to, comfortable and elegant. The show was spectacular and magnificently staged. A fabulous night!


Definitely one of the best shows I have ever seen! Saw THE ONE Grand Show. Amazing performance and great seats. Even can order food and drinks for intermission in advance so you do not have to wait in line. Beautiful decorations and architecture. Definitely worth it!


We went to see THE ONE Grand Show, a very spectacular and vivacious show, which we thoroughly enjoyed. The building, with its enormous stage and impressive public areas, is well worth a look.

Antti P

I visit Berlin quite often and when living quite near Friedrichstadt-Palast I every time think I want to see the show. And as often I have missed it because I try to book ticket too late and it is sold out. This time I was wise enough to buy ticket weeks in advance and finally did it! So notice my advice: book it early! Friedrichstadt-Palast is in good location and it is easy to reach by U-bahn, S-bahn, tram... And everything inside works very well: no exhausting queues, friendly service, fast service in the bars, reasonably priced selection of food and drinks etc. And the show. It indeed was something I have ever seen before! The stage is huge and occasionally there is so many things happening at the same time yo just don't know what to watch. Costumes are fabulous and people on stage really talented. The show is an amazing mixture of music, dance, acrobatics... Afterwards you are just speechless. Go!

Åke S

Top quality and top performances - Everything was to the best expections. It was no problem at all that we are not speaking german. All parts were very good: artists, performances, music, song, scene technique(!), light, several surprises. Some of the acts were nail biting. All total Pro.

Sakasvi S

We enjoyed the show immensely. The fact that some of it is narrated in German should in no way discourage international visitors, as most of the music is sung in English, and the rest consists of dance numbers.


We use to travel around the world, and we can assure you that "The One" is the best show we have ever seen. Congratulations.

Sally I

Good show with striking aerial acrobatics - Wanted to find an evening show. Such a surprise that there was so little available in Berlin. We had seen this show advertised on posters and most reviews were good. My expectations weren't very high but I was pleasantly surprised. It was worth the money we paid. Some crazy costumes, talented artists with amazing aerial acrobatics. Saved a bit of money when we asked someone leaving the show if it was good, and they gave us 2x €10 vouchers. We went for the level2 tickets just to be safe but seeing the theatre we couldn't see how anyone would have a bad view. (Maybe avoid the seats on the very far right as view possibly a bit restricted). Worth getting Welcome card if you also need U and S bahn travel or other tourist attraction tickets - you can save 25% on entry price.


Magnificent show "The One." The costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier were amazing!!!! Such a beautiful production. Loved it.


I received tickets to "The One". AMAZING show. Enjoyed every second, every act and all costumes. So beautiful. I loved it!


An outstanding show for all who love theater, dance, music, acrobatics, and Jean Paul Gautlier for his amazing costumes! - The show was truly amazing. The costumes, the dancing, acrobats, musicians, choreography, music and cast!
Very upset to find we could not purchase any program or anything related to the show though. I am sure everyone would have bought a program to see all the amazing talent and where they have all come from. I always purchase a program when I see shows so this should be on your list for sure. Fabulous job. Well done to all!


Firstly, this venue is luxurious - from the sweeping stair cases to the amazing bars and huge foyer. Everything about the place speaks sophistication. Then you enter the auditorium and it resembles a small arena. And the show, 'The One' is really involving and features stunts, songs and acrobatics. Narratively speaking, the plot could be put on the back of a stamp. But this is a Las Vegas style revue, so the plot is not important. Imagine a Bette Midler show, mixed with Cirque Du Soleil and a touch of Eurovision, and that's 'The One'. Sure, none of it makes any sense, but this is still an amazing night out. Why? Because you have never seen anything like it. From the high kicking can can girls to the evolving stage filled with water and then fire, you really see where the money has gone, as this is one epic production. With choreography from Craig Revel Horwood and Brian Friedman, amongst others and costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier, this is a show to savour. And the cocktails are amazing too. If you want a slice of Las Vegas in Germany, go!


If I could give it 6 stars I would. Brilliant production in wonderful setting - great theatre with excellent facilities. We had drinks and canapés in the interval which were delicious.

Douglas A

Went to see THE ONE Grand Show on 22nd October. We are not theatre goers but we were both total absorbed by the show and had our breath taken away by the acrobatic skills and by the lady with the large hula hoop. Some of the songs are in German but this did not take away anything from our enjoyment. We contacted the theatre a couple of months ago to book the tickets as planned on getting a Berlin WelcomeCard which gives a discount for the theatre, so we booked directly through the theatre by email getting the discount rather than using the online booking form as discounts are not available on the website. We then just had to take the booking confirmation and our Berlin WelcomeCard to the ticket office before the show. The money we saved paid for the WelcomeCard and everything else we used the card for was a bonus.


What an experience, what a show. Great colors, great sound and beautiful light. Amazing costumes, super talented and beautiful dancers. Talented singers. World class artists who perform the most incredible things while we as audience, sits breathlessly back. And the show itself, it’s really well put together. It is gruesome and bizarre, it's beautiful and very moving and with the almost unreal beautiful costumes, the experience become very intense, unique and fantastic. Like it’s from another world. Truly a must see if possible.

Tatjana C

Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin and his revue THE ONE Grand Show, amazing show you completely dive in with the special effects, the music, the artists and last but not least you get seduced by the extravagant JP Gaultier costumes and choreography!

Gari M

It was an incredible show, the best I have seen in Friedrichstadt-Palast in recent years. Music was wonderful, costumes, stage effects and dancers. The girl doing several acts was simply wonderful. Congratulations.


Went to see THE ONE Grand Show here which was a fantastic colourful show excellent costumes and sets. Two hours of singing, dancing, acrobatic displays, not once did any of our party feel bored as there was so much going on on the stage it kept us all mesmerised. Had booked VIP tickets online which included cloakroom ticket, reserved table at the bar and a complimentary glass of fizz making everything smooth throughout. A fabulous experience and would recommend this show as one not to miss.

Sean-Joseph D

This is just incredible - we felt like we were in a dream and sometimes we didn't quite know what was going on but it still was amazing!!! The stage change and presence and dancers and acrobats are out of this world. Because it was my birthday my husband treats me to the Sky Lounge which yes was expensive but it did make the experience that extra bit special. I couldn't recommend it enough!


I watched the new show – THE ONE Grand Show - this week (Tuesday night) and was truly amazed by it. The show's costumes are all designed by Jean Paul Gaultier which added to a very colourful display as you can imagine. I didn't know what to expect from it to be honest, but when we arrived at the Friedrichstadt-Palast's entrance and saw the masses of people waiting to get in, I thought this must be a great show. The show was completely sold out and we were lucky to have had secured tickets beforehand. Inside the Palast, it was very organised - I thought that, with 2,000 people attending a show, there will be long queues everywhere, from the vestiares to the bar to the bathroom - but there are so many different areas inside where you can get a drink for example, that there were never really any queues, which added to the enjoyment of the evening. Once the show started, I was blown away - the music, the costumes, the dancing, truly mind boggling. It was not at all what I expected. It was a mix of dancing, acrobatics, like a Cirque du Soleil show. The artists were all amazing, the main singer had a fabulous voice and the overall atmosphere was just fantastic. The highlight for me was one of the main acts performing an acrobatic display on a ring, defying gravity it seemed ... The show was on from 7.30pm to 10pm with a break in the middle. I could easily have stayed another 2 hours. Amazing - top notes from me. Apparently the show is on for 2 years in total - I will go back for sure and watch it all over again!

Glynnis F

We went to Berlin taking our friends to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary so wanted to go somewhere special and thus was so special. Costumes amazing acrobatics out of this world and the music was electric.

Cheri W

If you are visiting Berlin, this show is a must see! Spectacular music, acrobatics. And costumes! Buy your tickets in advance.

Jarmo B

THE ONE Grand Show is a huge spectacle, costumes are incredible! Not the first time in the Palast and certainly will go back there!

Rach E

Really fantastic show. Amazing costumes, voices, acrobats and dances. Seemed like a really good view from all seats (my friend and I sat separately as she booked very last minute). Highly recommend.

Yoav T

The theatre is nice and comfortable. The show was nice and glamorous - very nice costumes, the stage was beautiful and the performance was excellent. It is an excellent show that all ages will enjoy. We saw the show on Sunday afternoon - the theatre was relatively empty, but in any case we advice to reserve your tickets online, and print the ticket, to avoid the need to go to the box office.

Victoria C

I went here with my sister and a friend and we had a great night. I bought the tickets at the box office in advance and the nice lady there recommended great seats in the middle priced section. […] Staff were very friendly and the show was amazing. There is no coherent storyline, just dancing, singing and acrobatics but these are all excellent and the costumes are out of this world. The stage production was amazing too.


The theatre had several lounges to wait in before the show. Saw the premiere of THE ONE Grand Show. The show was stunning, some parts of performance is in English, all music is beautiful. Good for all ages.


The new show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast offers two hours of fun entertainment with a 30-minute interval. Gaultier has designed hundreds of spectacular costumes for THE ONE Grand Show that look fantastic on the dancers. Compared to THE WYLD, the new show offers significantly less “action” with far less use of stage technology. Despite this, there is a series of top-class show acts and the longest chorus line in the world is also not missing at the end of a pleasant show.


Fabulous show in a beautiful theatre, we thoroughly enjoyed the show the costumes were amazing, the show was fast paced and absolutely brilliant. The girl with the hoop was amazing as was the whole show.


Everything is so well organised from ordering your drinks and canapés for intermission with everything set out on a table for you at the break. Well organised, beautiful theatre. We will definitely go back when we are in Berlin.


We enjoyed a very entertaining cabaret performance of THE ONE Grand Show in Berlin’s iconic and beautiful Friedrichstadt-Palast theater. The costumes were absolutely exquisite, the dancers amazing and the performance was great, centered around a common theme (visions from a young man's dreams).


Last night we certainly were entertained! It is an assault on the senses! Where do you look? What's coming next? The dancers, the high swinging trapeze acts, the costumes. The theatre itself is beautiful, the staff polite- a well oiled machine. Transport to the venue is wonderfully easy with the underground less than 100 metres away!

Julia Teddy K

A really beautiful palace! Don't miss it in your weekend in Berlin. It's a MUST to go and see a concert or musical here. So fancy and very good seats. We saw THE ONE Grand Show - really magical. It's my favourite show so far. You're gonna LOVE it if you love musicals, music, dance, fashion, gymnastic etc. etc. It's pure LOVE.


I attended a performance of THE ONE Grand Show last Saturday at this wonderful theater. Very classy inside and out. A wonderful space with a grand staircase and ample lounge areas. A (semi) dressy crowd and an excellent night out while in Berlin. Especially for the musical/performance fans.


Step through the doors to the 1930's. Huge reception hall, traditional cloakroom for your coat, a grand staircase, a bar, a bell to call you, wooden seats, an interval (and another trip to the bar)..... all in all a great night out in fabulous, very grand, immaculate surroundings. Oh, and the shows are pretty good too!

Ondřej F

World class performances in here! - I visited for THE ONE Grand Show, very nice building, great experience in Berlin. One of the must see performances in Berlin, I really enjoyed that.

Advait S

Be it the dance, singing, acrobatics, music you name it. We were completely mesmerised. One of the best things we did was going to the Palast show. Just book a ticket and go, I am too small a mortal to write anything here.

Steven L

A beautiful theater with an amazingly huge stage. We saw THE ONE Grand Show while we were there. The show, the costumes, the acrobats and the music were amazing.

Danny D

We watched THE ONE Grand Show here last week and I can only say it was fantastic! The whole experience was superb, the venue is modern, clean and feels special. The show itself was amazing, the costumes were superb and the artists were brilliant! A must see in Berlin!!


I watched the show with my husband and two sons of 13 and 15 years in our Christmas holiday. We all loved the fantastic show, the costumes the artists, the amazing light show. It was worth every cent. We will surely come and watch another show some day...


An evening we won’t forget - I went to the THE ONE Grand Show with my 84 year old mother on December 22 and we spent a great evening! We might have different tastes, but both of us found acts to our liking. We especially enjoyed the costumes, the hoop act - Bravo! very poetic and impressive! And the final line up was great. The Friedrichstadt-Palast is the best theater I have ever been to. The stage is awesome! Congratulations for a fantastic team, everyone was so very friendly and helpful! and we were so happy to see a full house even after the dramatic incident at the Christmas Market two days before. BRAVO! I would definitely recommend the show and would like to come back - maybe next time in Berlin.


THE ONE Grand Show was yet again a great show with amazing costumes (this time designed by Jean Paul Gaultier), an awesome stage setting and breathtaking acts performed by great actors.


ONE absolutely fabulous GRAND SHOW in Friedrichstadt-Palast - We went to see THE ONE Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. It exceeded our expectations by far. It was truly an unforgettable experience, especially with our front-row seats. The Friedrichstadt-Palast is a beautiful venue with very friendly and polite staff. The services (cloak room, bar etc.) were executed perfectly. No long waiting times to get your coat or to get a drink. The prices for drinks are very reasonable and the money spent on tickets for the show was worth every single cent/penny. I can easily recommend everyone to book a ticket for this show. Sitting on the first row definitely adds a lot to the overall experience.


This show was brilliant. Suitable for everyone. Very colourful skillful and well organised. We could not get enough of the continual entertainment!


We went to the Palast theatre to see THE ONE Grand Show and we loved it!!!! It was a musical show with dresses from Jean Paul Gaultier and it was fantastic!!!!! It's worth trying to get tickets.

Jörg Hoffmann

A big splash in show entertainment. Awesome and breathtaking!

Jannine Sammy

I had a great time! Show was stunning, costumes were amazing! The stage technology is awesome and the sound is good! I booked VIP and I must say money well spend! Great service, friendly staff, nice atmosphere, clean and neat! Parking facilities right outside the door for a small price. I have been to many shows and theaters, but this one was really lovely! I will come back!

Lamia Karim

Excellent show. If you are a fan of Cirque de Soleil, you will like this show.

Lia Shields

THE ONE Grand Show was fabulous! Some in English, some in German. The special effects were fantastic and the costumes were amazing. Every seat in the house is a good seat!

Shilpa P Musuluri

It was an amazing show. I absolutely loved the energy, costumes, music and acrobatics. It was electrifying!

Sasha la Bagasha

One of the best show I have ever seen in my entire life! I can't recommend it enough! The costumes are INSANE!

Chelsea Blubaugh

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Fantastic, beautiful and so breathtaking. I hope to see this show again soon.

Soo Jimson

Amazing show of music and dance in both German and English. Very talented dancers, acrobats, stunning sets and of course, the costumes are fabulous. Different. The theme is deliberately surreal so go for the effects and visuals, not the story, yet very entertaining and in a great venue. Glad to see as part of my first visit to Berlin.

Danika Randall

Definitely worth the visit! It was a grand show for sure, seating is great and affordable. Great artists and talent as well as an awesome revamped look from the history of the Palast!

Robyn Gray

This show was absolutely amazing! There is a mixture of english and german throughout and the layout of the seating is great, so if your budget doesn't allow for centre seats, anywhere you sit you will not be disappointed! We were sitting at the right, back row of the ground level, so if you can't afford to splash out, don't worry, there's seats at lots of different price ranges [...].

Linda Boyce-Reid

Brilliant! Outstanding costumes, award winning special effects and performances! A real pleasure to watch this spectacular show!

Priyanka Udharamani

I saw this show yesterday and it was marvellous.. haven't seen anything like this before.. the performances of each artist were breath taking.. enjoyed every bit of it..

Pambos Charalambous

Saw THE ONE Grand Show at the Palast! Astonishing! Marvellous!

John Faccelo Osma P.

Awesome. We enjoyed. Loved. I do recommend it. A show like Las Vegas.

Graham L Hall

I saw THE ONE Grand Show and it was breath taking brilliant with some very talented artists in the cast. I would highly recommend anyone that has not seen it to go! I travelled from London to see the show, and I certainly was not disappointed
It was a master piece of theatre acted out by a young vibrant cast that made the show what it is. Breathtakingly brilliant.

Malya Garose

Great show, amazing costumes, nice dancers, everything was perfect!

Tami Bagashvili

Unforgettable show! Sound, lights, costumes and dancers are all perfect! Stage is something out of ordinary, lighting like an ocean or like sparkly night sky. Definitely must visit place when you're in Berlin!

Gemma Coussement-Thomas

Totally blown away. I loved every second of the show. I forgot I was in a theatre, the lights, music, stage, outfits were all incredible. This show went above and beyond any expectations. Worth every penny! Must see for visitors of all ages, genders and nationalities.

Ursula Tucker

Fab fab fab. We loved it. Amazing costumes, lighting and music. We don't speak German but could still follow the show. A must. Well done to all involved.

Maria Rochelle Garcia

Amazing. Very impressive! Costumes, lights, effects, performance. We're really happy we watched this. I would recommend to everyone, who is visiting Berlin, that this is a must see show and well worth it!

Jonathan Paul Keung

All I can say is that it was the weirdest but spectacular performance I have ever seen! From staging to lights, to costumes, it could not be faulted!

Nicole Beresova

Something amazing. Loved every part of it 👏👍👏

Cassandra Bee

Fabulous costumes, good dancers, nice theater, showstopper.

Thomas Kiner Christensen

I saw THE ONE Grand Show last night at it was amazing! Hat off to everybody who has anything to do with the show!

Sabrina Blanco Nielsen

Amazing show. Must be seen if you come to Berlin.

Spyros Agrianitis

Amazing show and amazing professionals all around!

Anna Shishkova

Fantastic. Perfect combination of colors, dance and music.

Alicja JagielskaBurduk

THE ONE Grand Show was awesome, must to see in Berlin!

Earta Van Varsseveld

I Loved every minute of it. The Show was great. Much love for Jean Paul Gaultier. Let fashion speak. Costums and cast you rock. A Fashionista's dream!

Rachel McLeod

An unmissable show. Costumes amazing, stage sets cool, loved every minute of the performance. Recommended to young and old.

Dorte Kargut

Most amazing show theatre in Europe. Amazing sound, the stage is huge and can be filled with water as well.

Cindy Hallam

Awesome extravaganza will have to come again as there is just so much to see. Great job on the kickline girls. Wow!!

Jan Bol

We went to see THE ONE Grand Show this evening, great show, brilliant costumes and some incredible acrobatics. We had a great time in a nice place.

Derek Housley

Great venue and a fantastic show in any language.

Becky Barum

The place to be and show to see, if you visit Berlin! It's urban and sexy with high class performers! An absolute must!

Gabriela Sipoteanu

A wonderful show! Like, like, like!!

Gabriela Sipoteanu

A wonderful show! Like, like, like!!

Alba Forero

THE ONE Grand Show is a beautiful show that I really recommend. Do not miss it.

Christopher Molloy

I loved it! Everyone should go! Spectacular beyond belief! And BERLIN!!! Just fabulous!

Deanna Duguid

This the most Spectacular Event of the Century. Without a doubt Jean Paul has his dream fulfilled. So true (Beauty & Love At Any Age...) A wonderful genius of a man with a vision beyond our wildest dreams.

Jana Rösgen

We were there on Sunday and found it utterly incredible. Words cannot describe the show they put on there. It will remain with us for a long time to come. We thank the entire ensemble for the unforgettable hours. Warm wishes and all the best for all future performances.

Timo Dinger

A terrific show, awesome acrobatics and beautiful costumes! An absolute must-see.

Margit Hoffmann

Simply fantastic! The costumes are awesome; the show is amazing! At times, I didn’t know where to look first.

Atti Bünger

I was at the Friedrichstadt-Palast for the first time last Saturday and experienced such a fabulous show. It was a fantastic evening – thank you!

Roland Keubler

We saw the show last night, after the marathon. It was utterly amazing, simply breathtaking, with cool music and breathtaking acrobatics rounded off with fantastic costumes. We highly recommend it to everyone!

Julia Sulik

Watched in awe on Saturday – terrific and incredibly impressive.

Edwina Glaeßlein

We saw THE ONE Grand Show yesterday and are still utterly spellbound. With the breathtaking costumes, awesome artistry and Roman Lob, we willingly allowed ourselves to be transported into a dreamworld! A thoroughly excellent experience! And the free drinks weren’t actually necessary, as even the (minor) setbacks could not dampen our enthusiasm. We will definitely be back next year!

Kevin Mag Kullik

THE ONE Grand Show! Unique, spectacular, colourful ... A really great show. Fantastic production, fantastic singers, fantastic dancers – and of course the highest praise to the entire Palast team. We’ll be back :)

Michele Hingst

It was simply wonderful. I will gladly come again.

Micaela Sabatier

What an amazing show – super costumes – fantastic crew – super production – super artists – a really great evening.

Kevin Mroczkowski

Experienced fantastic flair, the friendliest service and a wonderful preview of THE ONE Grand Show. An utterly emotional fusion of music/song and acrobatics! State-of-the-art stage technology, magical costumes and fantastic LIVE voices!!!

Mandy Knippert

It was a really cool show; I’d definitely like to see it again.

Marita Eckhardt

THE ONE – a colourful, magical Grand Show; you had me at the first beat. Excellent singers and dancers, a chorus line in slow motion and terrific artistry. Finding myself standing next to the fashion god Jean Paul Gaultier made my evening at the Friedrichstadt-Palast well and truly perfect.

Eva Gumpp-Heitz

Yesterday we attended one of the previews of the new THE ONE Grand Show with wonderful costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. It was terrific; I can only recommend it.

Jali Fresch

I just saw THE ONE Grand Show and am utterly impressed. Fantastic costumes and, as always, the artists were absolutely awesome. Super – be sure to go see it.

Alex Schober

A fantastic show! Amazing costumes!!

Soher Wahed

Thank you for that amazing show. Bravo. I loved it.

Mila Del Rio

A must see in Berlin .. We loved every minute of it .. BRAVOOO!!!

Juri Manko

Really stunning show. I enjoyed this dream. Costumes are incredibly beautiful and very recognizable that it's from Gaultier. If I would have a chance I would definitely like to see it one more time.

Diana Andrews

Best shows I have ever seen!!! Dancers and costumes look amazing!!!

Piet Weiland

A night at the palace. I agree with most of the reviewers: it starts and finishes spectacular. In between enough to like.

Spyros Gatos

An amazing theater with a fantastic atmosphere. THE ONE Grand Show is a must-see show. The costumes are amazing as well as the whole show. Highly recommended!!!

Merja Mattsson

Super place and super show, so impressive and beautiful.

Cem Yilmaz

A dream story could only be realised like this... Congrats to the team... We really enjoyed that night with my daughter...

Alison Richardson

Best show ever, absolutely amazing.

Julie Tilley

Absolutely fantastic show and a must see if visiting Berlin!

Petri Lyy

I have not traveled all the world, only some 20 European countries. But why should I go abroad after this? The world’s greatest show is here. This is my 9th time in Berlin and sadly only 2nd time at Friedrichstadt-Palast...all other trips to come are canceled by now.

Janet Sterritt-Brunner

A truly fabulous show. I loved the exquisite costumes as well as amazing artists. The stage was an orgy of action - I hardly knew where to look. A MUST for all visitors to Berlin! And to think that Friedrichstadt-Palast was threatened with closure some years back. Interior of building fantastically designed. Well worth every euro for a truly fabulous revue experience!!

Dinesh Bhaskar

Love it! Great ambience, great show, great experience!

Marika Khasia

I'm Impressed...costumes were amazing, dancers and acrobatics are fantastic...love it. Would like to visit one more time.

Barney Morgan Jones

Just been to see THE ONE Grand Show for my birthday, and what an amazing show it was! The costumes were incredible, the dancers were amazing and the aerial acrobatics had my pulse racing!

Christian Conrad

Fantastic show, fantastic experience! Will certainly be back. Highly recommended!

Jamie Connolly

The best thing I did on my trip to Berlin was see this show! It's absolutely MAGICAL!

Magdalena Świderska

A fantastic show. Perfect combination of colors, dance and music. Costumes are amazing, incredibly beautiful and very recognizable that it’s from Gaultier.

Andrea Heinicke

What an amazing show it is. Most fascinating the girls on the swing and the wheel. We all were totally impressed with the constantly moving stage. For the children the whole show was something they had never experienced before. Thanks for an unforgettable and wonderful night. The whole package 'Friedrichstadt-Palast' is stunning. It was well worth seeing on our short visit from New Zealand.

Tal Shinzinger

Excellent. We enjoyed every second. It was amazing.

The Family Without Borders

You can basically don’t stop saying “wow”. What was absolutely the most impressive from all – are the costumes. Insane. Designed by Jean Paul GAULTIER himself. […] If you ever have a chance to see THE ONE – do it. It’s some other level of perception. Give yourself this present. Full article


A must see in Berlin! Fun, elements of air, fire, water.... ballet, dance, music, talent, circus, stunts, circus, drama.... a fantasy in flesh, costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier made the show an entire fashion show in theatre... Splendid... Spectacular!!!


THE ONE Grand Show. Stunning costumes, beautiful venue, breathtaking acts by female&male acrobats.


This show is fantastic 💥💫 highly recommend if you’re in Berlin.


The show was so amazing last night at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. We had so much fun.


Wow what a show last night!!! THE ONE Grand Show has some awesome and equally terrifying acrobatics.


Brilliant night at the theatre, seeing THE ONE Grand Show; my mind is now busy thinking and dreaming.


When the talent of #gymnasts and dancers meets the art of the theatre 🎭 in a location like the @friedrichstadt.palast in #berlin, then the result is a unique show like THE ONE!


I can only recommend this show. It was amazing. We had a great time.


Forget everything in Berlin! The only thing you have to see is #theonegrandshow @friedrichstadt.palast. So inspiring! Amazing show! Amazing dancers! Amazing artist! Amazing costumes by @jpgaultierofficial. So thankful that I had the opportunity to see this and so thankful to #theone who made this possible!


Great Show, great costumes, great nightout.


What a show. A must see for all who stoppin by in Berlin


THE ONE Grand Show - go and see awesome #artists, #costumes, listen to #fantastic #music and #celebrate a great #show.


My Berlin highlight - THE ONE Grand Show with costumes from Jean Paul Gaultier.


#theonegrandshow which we attended at #PalastBerlin is a must see for sure, never have seen such a spectacular show.


THE ONE Grand Show. Outstanding, must see, amazing, spectacular show.


THE ONE Grand Show 💃🏼👯🎭 Great emotions... amazing costumes & show 😍


This is seriously the best thing I've ever seen! Sexy, kinky, provocative, thrilling, funny and just beautiful 🌌🌈🎉


Got to watch THE ONE Grand Show yesterday and boy it was mind-blowing!! The costumes, the staging, the music, the performance, the acrobatics! OMG! The acrobatics!! 😲 We had an amazing, magical time during that show! A BOMBASTIC SHOW!!


It's a must see if you're going through Berlin or Germany ❤️👯❤️


"THE ONE" was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


yesterday my fourth show so far and i loooved it! 🍸🍾


Saw the amazing THE ONE Grand Show by Jean Paul Gaultier. Absolutely great music and performances by stars like Roman Lob and Brigitte Oelten. If you come to Berlin a must see show on the biggest theater stage in the world.


Some of the world’s best acrobats – Phenomenal and energetic ballet ensemble – You will be enthralled and enraptured – This revue performance executes perfectly in terms of colour, movement, arrangements and music – Extremely friendly and professional attendants within the Palast


THE ONE Grand Show - a dreamlike journey through time in search of the person who means everything to us.
Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable evening. 🌙


What a fabulous show! The Gaultier costumes, the dreamscapes, the aerial, the firebreathers, stiltwalkers, live Orchestra and vocals... I'm so lucky to be here...


Friedrichstadt-Palast. Go there! Absolutely amazing. Thx @PalastBerlin for the great Grand Show! It's actually #TheOne. Made my day!


Incredible show!


One of the best shows I have ever seen.


THE ONE Grand Show @friedrichstadt.palast - this show is amazing!!


Amazing show!! Incredible!


Can't find any words to describe this show. Absolutely speechless. I was so overwhelmed from the bombastic beginning of the show I started crying. It was absolutely amazing. #theonegrandshow #friedrichstadtpalast #berlin


Beautiful show #theonegrandshow at #friedrichstadtpalast! As always amazing life music with spacial effects on #stage and great costumes from French #hautecouture. I like such kind of shows, you feel yourself like in wonderland! Well done Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin!


#TheOneGrandShow was so nice! The costumes from Jean Paul Gaultier were a dream like the whole show! A big applause to everyone who worked so hard!


Classical last night and well.... an indescribable, extraordinary.... awesome show today @PalastBerlin


Great show #THEONEGrandShow at #friedrichstadtpalast Berlin! Crazy and funny #costumes of #jeanpaulgaultier! A very nice evening with my "The One". We enjoyed this night.




Another incredible Berlin event!!


Fantastic show : THE ONE Grand Show, costumes made by Jean Paul Gaultier.


THE ONE Grand show! Out of the zillion things to do in Berlin, this must top your list if you are not just into conventional traveling. The show is held at the Palast Berlin theater, located in the Berlin Mitte (well connected with U or S-Bahn). The tickets can be bought online from their website as well from the box office outside the theatre. The show is extremely artistic with poetic moments, also the costumes are designed by the famous Parisian haute couture artist Jean Paul GAULTIER. A perfect balance of fashion elements with an artistic vibe, do experience it yourself!


The acts were pretty amazing! And also what they are able to do with the stage. All in all pretty awesome show.


Amazing Show!


Saw the revue called THE ONE Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast, the largest show theatre in Europe. The costumes were by Jean Paul Gaultier and were completely out of control (in the best way). Just go see it.


You should see it!


What an amazing show! I couldn't decide where to look. The athletes, the COSTUMES!!!


The famous kickline - always the highlight. And #jeanpaulgaultier brings a great modern touch into it. Great Music by @gregormeyle.


Congratulations to @friedrichstadt.palast to this fantastic show.


Still flashed: Costumes by @jeanpaulgaultierofficial. Forget Las Vegas. This is really good stuff!


It was an #amazing #grandshow again!


We had the great privilege to visit one of the most outstanding events of the year – THE ONE Grand Show in Berlin!


Amazing show!


THE ONE Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast was hands down the best show I've ever seen!


Amazing show.


It was the great pleasure to immerse myself into the fabulous world of dreams during THE ONE Grand Show. Acrobatics, music, brilliant artists and, of course, amazing costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier!


Great show, breathtaking acrobatics and beautiful costumes! It was truly unforgettable!

Benjamin Hillyard

Highly recommended while in Berlin.


REALLY GOOD SHOW!! It was so amazing and im in love with the main actor.


One of the best shows i've ever seen.


#THEONEGrandShow @PalastBerlin was an absolute spectacle from start to finish! WOW! #Legs #DancingBeauties


What an amazing show last night! Loved every second of it!


Yes please! Some cultural and spectacular evening THE ONE Grand Show at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. Definitely worth a visit!

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