Antenne Brandenburg

VIVID has everything to make an evening unforgettable.

BB Radio

Incredibly beatiful

Berliner Kurier

A superb show

Berliner Morgenpost

The show of superlatives
A work of art of artistic, vocal and technical sophistication.
A spectacular show of breathtakig speed and aesthetics.

Berliner Rundfunk 91.4

Pure glamour
Breathtaking lighting design, stunning stage sets

Berliner Zeitung

The best show to ever be seen on this stage


Even more colourful, an even bigger budget, even more headwear
The Friedrichstadt-Palast puts its crown on
Wonderfully colourful
The Palast of records

Broadway World

A GIGANTIC hit! Bravo!!!
VIVID Grand Show left me speechless -- again and again and again. Every moment in the show presented a consistent level of aesthetic beauty so spectacular in its concept and execution that "my goosebumps got goosebumps."
If you will be in Europe at any time in the near future, you must see VIVID Grand Show. It's worth an extra flight to Berlin just to wonder at the gorgeous creatures roaming the stage at the Friedrichstadt-Palast.


Thunderous applause, huge cheers
You don't know where to look first. Simply stunning.
Big, bigger, Palast


Applause and standing ovations. The audience celebrated the premiere of VIVID with much rejoicing.

El Pais newspaper (Spain)

The Friedrichstadt-Palast is an icon of Berlin nightlife

Estadão (Brazil)

Moulin Rouge is so passé! The Friedrichstadt-Palast is the show theatre in Europe.


An intoxicating show spectacle
Costumes like you've never seen before
Spectacular stage sets, artistic masterpieces
An amazing show that you won't be able to get enough of


A stunning show

Irish Daily Mail

Prepare for sensory overload. There are times when you don't know where to look.
Every costume was spectacular. There was true beauty.
Perfect when visiting the theatre in a foreign country when you have only a basic grasp of the language
There’s a bit of comedy, a touch of slap and tickle and many, many awesome stunts.

Klatsch & Tratsch magazine (Germany)

Standing ovations for a gigantic blaze of colour.

Märkische Allgemeine

Even before the interval, the audience is repeatedly beside itself, applauds or mutters words like 'insane' of 'crazy'. Overwhelmingly beautiful and powerful - and extremely varied.


A spectacular fantasy world
An unprecedented spectacle featuring music, acrobatics and dance
The Friedrichstadt-Palast dazzles with immense shows that are simply world class.
Eclipses everything before it
Opulence and colour like never before

rbb 88,8

Even more colour, even more brilliance


A terrific show


A feast for the eyes
The show of superlatives


Spectacular costumes

The Irish Times

Absolutely perfect!

The Kensington and Chelsea Review

it’s a celebration of life, in all of its colour and uniqueness.
Vivid is every bit as dazzling as its name might lead you to expect – a visual assault of the best kind.
Some moments, such as the aerial dance of lovers, are so heartbreakingly beautiful that you’re simply lost in the wonder of it all, others are so mesmerising – swirls of colour created on a turntable by a lone man and projected onto the wall behind him – that your mind is simply in thrall.

The New York Times

an over-the-top, Vegas-style extravaganza
sleek, razzle-dazzle aesthetic at every turn


Fantastic creations


Stylish, cool, glamorous - and somehow philosophical


Magical creations
Majestically glamorous
Fantastic, a show of superlatives
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