New York Times

New York Times
Must-See in Berlin!
Gaultier's fantastical imagination
A Las Vegas-style revue featuring song, dance, special effects and acrobatics

Lonely Planet

Glamour à la Las Vegas with leggy showgirls, a high-tech stage, mind-boggling special effects and plenty of artistry
Stunning productions

The Guardian (UK)

Gaultier’s dream has come true
The show unfolds in an ecstatic and poetic dreamworld

arte TV (France)

At the Friedrichstadt-Palast, Gaultier is able to live out his penchant for daring eroticism, grand performances, extravagance and humourous gestures
500 costumes for a bombastic show
A celebration of colours and fantasies

Berliner Kurier newspaper (Germany)

The most expensive show in the history of the theater at the heart of Berlin
The superlative has a name: Friedrichstadt-Palast. Not only is it the biggest theater stage in the world with the longest chorus lines and most beautiful dancers – it also has the most successful productions
Magnificent dresses, sexy costumes
Rubber, leather and lust
First-rate show

Berliner Morgenpost newspaper (Germany)

Magnificent, sparkling, sumptuous
An evening of superlatives
International flair
A feast for the eyes
A mind-blowing flood of images
A decadent nod to the work of fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier
It is a dream to watch
Ultramodern and full of technical flourishes, featuring costly equipment and lavish splendour, a little showy and rather sexy in the process
The Friedrichstrasse has long been able to do what Las Vegas can do. Simply overpowering!
One can hardly get enough of it

Berliner Rundfunk radio (Germany)

Vibrant colours and awesome costumes

Berliner Zeitung

The audience is blown away
A blaze of colours for the senses

BILD newspaper (Germany)

500 stunning outfits
Mega show!
This success is very sexy!

BILD der Frau magazine (Germany)

More glitz and glamour is not possible
A show of superlatives
Staggering figures at every turn in THE ONE Grand Show: 3,000 coloured feathers, 120 crazy wigs, three kilos of sequins, pots full of hairgrips and metal eyelets. 50,000 Swarovski stones have been incorporated into the costumes, hairpieces and headpieces


Berlin costume revue of superlatives
500 spectacular outfits

B.Z. newspaper (Germany)

Yet another glamour coup at the Friedrichstadt-Palast
Sensational costumes
Opulence at its finest
Enthralling visuals
THE ONE sets new standards
World class
Forget Paris, forget Las Vegas – Berlin has the craziest show!
A dancing world cultural heritage

ELLE (Germany)

Glorious costumes, Gaultier at its best
Breathtaking glamour wear

El Pais newspaper (Spain)

The Friedrichstadt-Palast is an icon of Berlin nightlife
A dreamlike and sensual journey

Estadão (Brazil)

Moulin Rouge is so passé! The Friedrichstadt-Palast is the show theatre in Europe.

Gala weekly magazine (Germany)

A (fashion) show of superlatives
Opulent images and awesome effects

GRAZIA weekly magazine (Germany)

France has never seen a show like it
It feels as if we have been drawn into a retrospective of his work (Gaultier)
Spectacular outfits
A blaze of colours, opulent, glamorous

Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper (Germany)

Berlin’s famous Show Palast is going Haute Couture
A show of superlatives

Handelsblatt Global Edition newspaper (Germany)

A dream come true

i-D Magazine (USA)

Sparkling, glamorous and eccentric
It seems as though Gaultier has been waiting his whole life for this moment, and it goes back to when he was just nine-years-old, recognizing he was unlike most kids
There is black leather, fetish stuff, sailors, fashion and the Palast. Very Berlin
Despite its popularity, the theater shows at the Palast have always been experimental; this is not the place you come to see narrative structured storylines or traditional musical theater. There's no language barriers
Palast shows are strange, bizarre and arty to the extreme. (…) In other words, expect the unexpected

Inforadio (Germany)

The costumes are one of a kind

The Irish Times (Ireland)

Anyone visiting Berlin soon should know that the German capital has a new attraction besides the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate.
THE ONE Grand Show is an orgy of colour and style with costumes by French fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier
It keeps coming and coming, on such a dizzying scale that you have to remind yourself that they are not tricking you with mirrors. No, there really are that many people on-stage
The premiere audience stood with a final roar that almost lifted the roof off the auditorium.
Get a ticket – if you can – and get lost in the grandeur of THE ONE Grand Show

kulturradio (Germany)

A bombastic show

Märkische Allgemeine newspaper (Germany)

Exuberant, surreal, funny – almost indescribable
There is all but no holding back

N24 TV (Germany)

It could hardly get more colourful


Visually stunning

OUT Magazine (USA)

Jean Paul Gaultier’s greatest show ever
The most lavish show in Europe

rbb TV (Germany)

Forget Las Vegas
The new show sensation

RTL II TV (Germany)

Hot show in the capital city

stern weekly magazine (Germany)

Gaultier has created haute couture for artists that is more imaginative and technically elaborate than he knows from Paris
The Palast has gained a reputation on a par with the most dazzling shows on the Las Vegas Strip

The Sunday Times (UK)

Las Vegas in Berlin

SUPERillu weekly magazine (Germany)

A show of superlatives
A mighty explosion of colour
Tremendous, colourful, sexy and spectacular

Der Tagesspiegel newspaper (Germany)

Couture creations of delicate sensuality
A Palast revolution
Boundless imagination

The Times (UK)

Berlin’s largest theater is launching a provocative new revue show
A musical extravaganza based on an evocation of Berlin’s racy past
"A vast theater with international appeal, which has the largest theater stage in the world"

Vice magazine (USA)

Spectacular costumes
Jean Paul Gaultier is known for his dramatic catwalk


No less than Jean Paul GAULTIER designed the costumes for the new show at the Palast in Berlin.

DIE WELT newspaper (Germany)

A brilliant show

ZDF TV (Germany)

Las Vegas was yesterday
An immense show
An opulent retrospect

Die Zeit newspaper (Germany)

What a fantastical orgy of heavenly and hellish dance formations
Overwhelmed by 500 brightly coloured Gaultier costumes, I don’t know where to look first.
Finally, the highlight: the chorus line. Breathtaking precision. An unpredictable transition between slow motion and lighting speed.
It’s so exciting, you can barely sit still.
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