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Show Trailer (0:58 min.)

A declaration of love to life

Young R’eye is separated from her father and transformed into an android – half human, half machine. Although her life is now subject to external control, her yearning for freedom lives on. And, indeed, one day she does begin moving to a different beat. With the bright-eyed wonder of a child, she beholds the world with new eyes and perceives the overwhelming beauty of things that we often overlook.


Who can you be? What’s your true ID? VIVID is a hypersensuous journey of self-discovery and a declaration of love to life.

The creative team – working in five time zones from Melbourne via Berlin to Las Vegas – could not be more international. The final flourish: Philip Treacy, “the world’s most famous milliner” (THE TIMES). The gifted hatmaker works for Queen Elizabeth II, European royals, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson and Madonna.

VIVID is a declaration of love to life. Featuring more than 100 stunning artists on the world’s biggest theater stage. A production budget of 12 million euros for spectacular costumes and stage sets of unparalleled dimensions. A kaleidoscope of physical perfection and outstanding artistic performances that may prompt tears of joy. Welcome to Berlin’s #1 theater for dazzling entertainment. Welcome to your Palast.


Revue shows are not musicals. Coherence is primarily achieved through visual imagery rather than narrative storytelling. Meaning they are also perfect for guests with no knowledge of German.


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from € 19.80


approx. 2,5 hours incl. a 25-minute interval


from 8 years


Also suitable for guests who do not speak German

Headdress design & Design Director: Philip Treacy | Costume design & illustrations: Stefano Canulli | Stage animations: Jan Wünsche

The best show to ever be seen on this stage

Opulence and colour like never before

Stylish, cool, glamorous

Absolutely perfect!

An impressive work of art.

The show of superlatives

an over-the-top, Vegas-style extravaganza

A superb show

Spectacular costumes

Barbara Eden

Actress, "I Dream of Jeannie"

Wow, VIVID is fabulous, simply wonderful. What I liked the most? Everything!

Lady Kitty Spencer

Model, Niece of Lady Diana

If there is one show I can recommend you make sure you see, it’s this one. VIVID was the most moving and happy experience I have had in a long time.

Guest reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars from over 10,000 reviews

harriet m
14. October 2018

Must-see. We saw the last show (ONE Grand show) twice and really liked it!!!! But this show (VIVID Grand Show) is a must-see. The costumes, headdresses, stage and acrobats, everything ...

Kerrie L
10. October 2018

This show is an extravaganza! Costuming is stunning, aerial stunts are beautiful and breathtaking but let’s not forget the dancers. The Palast is famous for its kickline - and you ...


VIVID is: WOW! Just opened to standing ovations. We bought our tickets months ago online from Australia. Seamless process. Brilliant Las Vegas style show!

Roman H

VIVID is gorgeous, intense, unforgettable - one of the best productions EVER. Really, don't miss it. Get the cheap seats if you have to: it'll still blow you away. Acts ...


Beautiful Theater & Show. If you have the time, buy a ticket. We went by chance to the new show and had a great time. It felt like the opening ...


Fabulous extravaganza! Something for everyone, costumes out of this world, dancers,acrobats, singers, athletes really looked as though they were enjoying their performances. Wonderful choreography, I’d go again tonight!

Damien B

If Germany has an equivalent to the Moulin Rouge, this is it. I saw the new show there - VIVID which is amazing. The costumes, sets, lighting, dancing, and special ...


Fantastic. The show was stunning! Probably the best I've been to. A complete repertoire of music, dancing, acrobats, showgirls and great fun. Very typically German in parts (Funhouse) and audience ...

Emi N.

It's a rare opportunity to see a show like this. The stage is indeed huge and round so you can see everything from all angles and this theater has a ...


I would put it high on the list of must-see things to do in Berlin. Note that every two years the show changes.

Joachim Piprek
10. August 2019

VIVID is spectacular! The costumes and the visual effects are better than anything I have seen on Broadway or in Las Vegas.

Wewe Brock
7. July 2019

Excellent show, perfect costumes, amazing artists and singers!

Andrea Marinoni
12. May 2019

Perfect mixture of different performances, ranging from singing to dancing to acrobatics. The costumes and the scenography create a magic atmosphere! Moreover, some tickets are really cheap for this kind ...

MaryMusic Fmf
27. April 2019

I have already watched this extraordinary show three times! It is so engaging and thrilling because every time there are new details to discover. Such a unique show should be ...

Dominik El Pequeño
27. March 2019

Great music, great artists, great show. Looking forward to visiting the VIVID world again, as soon as possible. :-) Especially Guru’s painting gave me so much positive energy! #lovepeaceanddiversity #weiterso

Anna Balakina
25. March 2019

The VIVID Grand Show is the best one I have ever seen!!!!!! "Must visit" in Berlin.

Ronen Refael
13. January 2019

Amazing show, more than happy to recommend it

Svetlana Nichitovschi
9. January 2019

VIVID Grand Show, it was a fantastic show!

Laura De Angelis
29. December 2018

VIVID is one of the best show I have seen in my life! A perfect combination of dance, music, magic, circus and theatre with an explosion of colourful costumes, special ...

Pat Benjung

I had a great experience seeing the show with my family. Great facilities and beautiful decorations. VIVID Grand show is amazing and colourful. Thumbs up for all actors.

Show music


It’s as vibrant as the Grand Show itself: the fantastic VIVID soundtrack – available as a download or on CD for at home.

Photo shoot for ICON magazine

Cast & creative team

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