Nightlife in Berlin: top addresses for an unforgettable night

Berlin Nightlife

Whether electro, indie or live music, there are so many fantastic venues in Berlin. Since the 1990s, the German capital has established itself as something of an international party metropolis – young people from around the globe flock to the city on the Spree to experience Berlin’s legendary nightlife. Renowned venues such as Berghain in Friedrichshain or Watergate in Kreuzberg certainly draw in the crowds, but there are also countless other clubs in which you can party the night away.


Get the evening off to a great start with some karaoke

Karaoke in Berlin

A real Berlin club night doesn’t normally begin before midnight. A long evening therefore first lies ahead of you – so those not wishing to doze off on the sofa at home or in a hotel room should plan a stimulating evening itinerary. How about sampling a tasty drink while enjoying some popular songs, for instance? Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke Bar on Warschauer Straße is the perfect place for just this. There’s no need to worry though: in addition to two public stages, there are also ten individual booths – for all those who would rather only sing to their friends. On Wednesdays and Sundays, the booths cost half the price. It can get busy here at the weekends – those planning to go out afterwards should try to avoid the busy times if at all possible.


A typical Saturday in Berlin: a cinema visit in the evening, then on to a club at night

Zoo Palast

A good film at the cinema also makes the perfect start to a long night out on the town. One of the oldest, most famous cinemas in the city is the Zoo Palast in Charlottenburg. Films have been shown and notable premieres celebrated here since 1915, including the premiere of Fritz Lang’s expressionist silent film ‘Metropolis’ in 1927. After the Zoo Palast was almost entirely destroyed during the Second World War, the building was demolished and rebuilt again in 1956. With the exception of a short, 15-year hiatus, the cinema has served as a venue for the Berlinale since this time. There is seating for up to 1,650 people in the total of seven stylish cinema rooms. One unique feature of the Zoo Palast are the two club cinemas with seating for 36 or 39 viewers respectively. They are ideal for private events – particularly since each comes with its own bar. Thanks to its central location, the Zoo Palast is the ideal starting point for a night out in Berlin. The Monkey Bar and PURO Sky Lounge are both just a stone’s throw away, for example.


Berlin’s nightlife plays out in Kreuzberg

Ipse in Berlin

According to a popular German song, nights out in Kreuzberg tend to be long – experience has shown, though, that they are in fact even longer in the legendary Club Ritter Butzke. While the sprawling building complex on Ritterstraße is no longer an insiders’ tip, it is still possible to dance the night away to electro, techno and minimal music here. On Saturday nights, things kick off at midnight, with the atmosphere reaching its climax at around 3 a.m. Several popular night owl haunts can also be found around Schlesisches Tor. The Chalet offers a unique atmosphere: a pond with water lilies, plants, trees and fairy lights transform the inside of the club into a fairy tale garden. Victorian opulence prevails inside the building rather than the anticipated minimalistic factory charm. Making this just the place for all those who enjoy a little luxury when out partying. The open-air club, IPSE, is just a short distance away. Located directly beside the River Spree, it is the perfect spot for a few after-hour drinks during the summer months. The proximity to the water and shade-providing trees make this a cool place to hang out, in all respects.


In Berlin tonight? Obtain some last-minute tickets for the Friedrichstadt-Palast


Berlin naturally also offers a wealth of cultural options in the evenings. Whether classic opera, modern theatre or an opulent show – the options are unbelievably diverse. Tickets for the Grand Shows at the Friedrichstadt-Palast are highly coveted among Berlin natives and tourists alike. And this is not without reason – for with around 700,000 guests every year, the Palast in Berlin-Mitte is the most visited theatre in the city. The budget for the lavish Grand Shows totals up to €12 million – and this can also clearly be seen.
The new show at the Palast is starting at 27 September. VIVID is a declaration of love to life. Featuring more than 100 stunning artists on the world’s biggest theater stage. A production budget of 12 million euros for spectacular costumes and stage sets of unparalleled dimensions. A kaleidoscope of physical perfection and outstanding artistic performances that may prompt tears of joy. Despite all the glamour, ticket prices start at just €19.80!

Zoo Palast | Photo: Flickr / Sebastian Rittau (CC BY 2.0)
Ipse | Photo: Flickr / farhad pocha (CC BY 2.0)

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