% Discounts

25 %

  • Children aged 6–14

  • Schoolchildren

  • Students


  • Guests aged 65+

  • Jobseekers

Unless indicated otherwise, the discounts apply from price category 4 to the Wall Sky Lounge price category.

Price information

Flexible show tickets

When you book tickets in advance, it can sometimes be the case that you are ultimately prevented from using them after all. Our new FlexTicket option offers flexibility and reassurance. For just a nominal 5% surcharge on the ticket price, you are able to change your chosen show time up to three hours before the start of the show or to exchange your tickets for vouchers (unfortunately, refunds are not possible). You do not need to provide justification or proof – no questions will be asked. If you choose to take advantage of this option, a processing fee of 5 euros will apply per ticket (for the issue of new tickets or conversion to vouchers).


You are able to book FlexTickets online or by calling our ticket hotline (+49-30-2326 2327).


We are available to assist with your bookings, any questions you may have about the new FlexTicket option, and ticket exchanges daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. via our telephone hotline (+49-30-2326 2327), email (tickets@palast.berlin) and the LIVE CHAT service on our website.


Please note that it is only possible to rebook tickets for another date in the current booking period – generally 8-12 months in advance. If tickets are booked for a higher price category (e.g. for a show at the weekend, in December or between Christmas and the new year), the price difference must be paid. If tickets are booked for a cheaper show, the price difference will be paid out as a voucher (or upgrade if the price difference is large enough). All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and can be used to purchase tickets for one of our Grand Shows. After this time, the voucher will expire. Refunds are unfortunately not possible.

Young Ticket (guests aged under 25)

Seats in the first and second row are available for just 25 euros (incl. fees). Only while stocks last. Please mention the “Young Ticket” when you book via our ticket hotline or directly at the Palast box office.

+49-30-2326 2326
+49-30-2326 2327

You will need to show identification proving your date of birth when you pick up your tickets. Your eligibility for the discount will also be checked on the door.

Guests with disabilities

We offer the following discounts for guests with disabilities: 20 per cent for persons with a moderate disability and 30 per cent for persons with a severe or profound disability on tickets in all price categories except category 5. There are four wheelchair spaces in the Palast’s theater hall. Tickets cost the same as for price category 5. If you are able to move seats, you may alternatively select a seat in row 3 in any of the other price categories. In the Wall Sky Lounge, you are either able to remain seated in your wheelchair or to move to a seat. We are gladly on hand to advise – simply contact us by telephone or online via the Live Chat (daily 9 a.m.–8 p.m.).


If carers are seated in price category 5, they will only need to pay the system fee of 2.90 euros. In all other price categories, the carer will receive the same discount as the guest with disabilities they are accompanying. Please see here for more information.


Please contact our hotline for further information or ticket bookings:
+49-30-2326 2326
+49-30-2326 2327

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