Friedrichstadt-Palast’s parking facilities on Johannisstraße and Kalkscheunenstraße are offered by Friedrichstadt-Palast Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (hereinafter “Friedrichstadt-Palast BGmbH”) to guests of the Friedrichstadt-Palast for the parking of private motor vehicles.


By parking a vehicle, a parking space usage agreement is automatically concluded between Friedrichstadt-Palast BGmbH and the user. Only street-legal motor vehicles may be parked in these spaces. The following conditions form part of the usage agreement. Parking spaces may only be used in accordance with these general terms and conditions.


The parking regulations apply without exception and are binding for all users of Friedrichstadt-Palast’s parking facilities.


1. Only vehicles weighing under 2.5 tons with a max. height of 1.95 m and max. width of 2 m may be parked. Roads and pathways are to be kept clear at all times. The parking of trailers, mopeds, bicycles, etc. is not permitted.


2. A fee of €6.00 applies for the use of a parking space.


3. Parking permits are only available to holders of valid admission tickets for own shows from Friedrichstadt-Palast. The parking permit must be displayed in a prominent position on the vehicle dashboard.


4. Parking without a valid permit is prohibited.


5. Parking is permitted from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for afternoon performances and from 6:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. for evening performances.


6. The provisions of the German Road Traffic Act (StVO) apply on the Friedrichstadt-Palast premises.


7. On the Friedrichstadt-Palast premises, vehicles may only be driven at a walking pace.


8. Vehicles must be parked within the marked areas so that parking spaces (including the neighbouring spaces) can be entered and exited at any time unhindered.


9. Parked vehicles are to be locked and secured with due diligence. Valuables, documents, items of clothing and suchlike should not be stored in vehicles.


10. The parking areas may only be accessed to park and collect vehicles.


11. In the parking area, it is forbidden to:a) smoke, light fires or handle open flames;
b) repair or wash vehicles, or dispose of antifreeze, fuel or oil;
c) sound the horn, or idle or test the engine;
d) fuel vehicles;
e) empty ashtrays or other containers;
f) park vehicles with a leaking tank, carburettor or fuel/oil pipes;
g) skateboard or cycle, or use any other leisure or sporting equipment.


12. Users are liable for any damage caused by themselves or accompanying persons vis-à-vis the owner and other users. Users are obliged to report any damage to Friedrichstadt-Palast BGmbH immediately.Use of the parking facilities is at the risk of the person parking the vehicle. Friedrichstadt-Palast BGmbH assumes no liability whatsoever in particular for damage caused by other users or any other third parties. The owner excludes all liability for damage to parked vehicles and/or any consequential damage.


The same applies for the loss of vehicles or their contents.Friedrichstadt-Palast BGmbH is only liable for damage by users and third parties insofar as Friedrichstadt-Palast BGmbH is at fault. Any damage is to be reported to the parking staff immediately. Claims for damages due to force majeure are excluded. Claims for damages against third parties remain unaffected. Damage in line with the statutory liability provisions must be reported to the parking staff immediately. Damage reports will not be acknowledged if made at a later date.


13. Friedrichstadt-Palast BGmbH may have vehicles towed from the parking area at the expense and risk of vehicle users if:
a) the parked vehicle poses a risk to parking operations due to a leaking tank, carburettor or other fault;
b) the vehicle is not street legal or has been withdrawn from circulation by the police while parked;
c) a vehicle is parked in violation of the above terms;
d) there is an imminent risk of danger.


14. The instructions given by parking staff are to be obeyed at all times immediately. The parking staff will be on duty in the parking area during the times detailed under (6).


15. The fees indicated in the “Friedrichstadt-Palast parking regulations” include the statutory value-added tax.


16. Use of the parking facilities is at the user’s own risk.


17. Friedrichstadt-Palast Betriebsgesellschaft mbH is entitled to modify and/or supplement the “Friedrichstadt-Palast parking regulations” at any time.


18. All users of the parking facilities agree to be bound by the “Friedrichstadt-Palast parking regulations”.


The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes is Berlin.

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