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280 young people from the world over

The Palast is an institution with a long tradition: Europe’s largest ensemble for kids and young people. The beginnings of the junges Ensemble (young ensemble) date back to autumn 1945. Some 280 kids who live in Berlin and come from more than 20 nations, ages seven to 16, receive stage training here. Every year, over hundreds of children apply for the 20–30 spots. According to the motto of “Kids perform for kids,” they showcase their talents on the huge stage every winter season.


The kids are taught by experienced teachers who are trained to work with children. The teachers direct the kids’ education in the stage disciplines of dance, singing and acting (speech) according to their talents. The kids quickly learn that theater work is also always teamwork. Rigorous training, rehearsals, corrections and a lot of discipline are essential, not only for a successful premiere but for every show.


The choreographers, acting and vocal coaches, acrobatics and master trainers involved in the junges Ensemble (young ensemble) are experts in their fields. The training takes place in an atmosphere suitable for kids and no one is burdened beyond their capabilities. It is by no means a walk in the park nonetheless.


The fact that the junges Ensemble (young ensemble) can act as a springboard for future careers is proven by countless former members.


  • Paula Beer
  • Sonja Gerhardt
  • Alina Levshin
  • Julia Richter
  • Luisa Spaniel
  • Benjamin Trinks


The junges Ensemble (young ensemble) has been conferred the Culture Prize by the State of Berlin as well as the German Children’s Cultural Award for outstanding achievements by the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk . In 2012, it received an honorary award from the children’s charity.


Casting & Auditions

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Jolin, 12

I have been dancing since I was three. I attended three other dance schools before joining the Friedrichstadt-Palast five years ago. I definitely don’t regret my decision, as I feel like an entirely different person on stage here. Diving into a whole other world with the audience and hearing all of the applause is such a great feeling! That’s why I love dancing with the junges Ensemble (young ensemble) so much.

Laila and Lilou, 12 and 11

We dance here at the Friedrichstadt-Palast because we often came to watch the junges Ensemble (young ensemble’s) shows and were always really impressed. We have both been dancing since we were little, so decided to audition. It is so much fun to appear on stage in such cool costumes and to meet so many great people, too.

Malena, 14

I first performed in the grown-ups’ show ‘BerlinILLUMINATED’ when I was ten. I can still remember how nervous I was! But when I began speaking, I immediately felt at ease. I have known ever since that I want to stay at the Palast. That’s why I took part in the dance auditions and ended up joining the junges Ensemble (young ensemble).

Jannis, 9

I absolutely love to dance! Since visiting the Palast for the first time five years ago, I have seen every show and dreamed of dancing on the huge stage to music beneath the bright show lights in crazy costumes. My big dream became a reality when I passed the auditions. I am now very proud to be a member of the junges Ensemble (young ensemble) and look forward to performing in lots of new shows.

Egon, 11

I performed in a kids’ show for the first time when I was just three. My older sister danced in the same show. I knew all of the words, songs and dances to the entire show back then! I was finally able to audition for the junges Ensemble (young ensemble) myself when I turned six. And I was lucky enough to be accepted! I really enjoy performing on this very special stage. The training can be hard work, but I immediately forget this when I see all of the happy faces in the audience and hear the thunderous applause.

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Some impressions of the current and previous shows of the young ensemble.

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